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Lifetime Guarantee

Free Shipping Over €99

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What is a Metalbird made from?

Metalbirds are laser cut from high-quality 3 mm thick Corten steel®.

Where are Metalbirds made?

It would be easier (and cheaper) to make our product in a far off, distant land. We’re happy to say that every one of our birds is made in Europe.

Can you paint them?

Not really – Metalbirds are made from Premium Corten® Steel which is designed to weather naturally and not be painted. It doesn’t mean you can’t but we kind of like them the way they are and unless you do a wonderful job prepping the surface, the paint is likely to come off. If you really, really want to add color to them, then we recommend having them professionally powder coated.

Who designs the birds?

They have been designed as a collaboration between the Europe Metalbird team and the New Zealand Metalbird team – these designs are exclusive to Metalbird. The lead designer is Phil Walters who started this crazy dream over 10 years ago in New Zealand.

Do you do custom birds or projects?

A lot of love, skill and time goes into the creation of one bird. All up, over a week’s work to get it just right! We’re a small team and at this stage it just isn't feasible for us to do small one-off projects - as much as we'd love to. If you have something larger in mind though please get in touch by emailing and we'll see if we can help.

Will my Metalbrid scare off real birds?

No – while we’re not sure what goes through a real Wren's mind when it sees a Barn Owl Metalbird, however, judging from the thousands of photos we’ve seen, real birds love sitting on, or next to our art pieces.

Can I install my bird into a tree?

Of course, it's important to ensure that the tree is not too young, too slender in the trunk, or thinly barked. Look for a mature, large tree with a girthy trunk and thick bark for best results. 

Trees will reflexively seal around small holes made to prevent infection or disease from entering, as we've learned from consulting arborists! However, if you feel unsure, just explore the world for other spots and spaces. 


Can Metalbirds be sent as gifts?

Absolutely… in fact, over half of the birds we sell are gifts. Just tell us the name and postal address of the lucky person and we’ll send it to them in its own beautiful recycled gift box. When you check out, you can even get us to insert a personalised message that our team will print it on a beautiful card. And no… we won’t put anything in the box showing how much it cost. That will be emailed to you.

What is your return policy?

To view our return policy, please click here


Who do you ship with?

All of our birds are dispatched with GLS. However, depending on your destination, this can be handed off to a local courier once it leaves Amsterdam. 

Can I ship to multiple addresses?

Unfortunately, we can only have one shipping address per order, but not to worry, you can place as many orders as you would like, to reflect all the different lucky receivers! 

Tracking your shipment

Once your order leaves our warehouse, you will receive a tracking link sent straight to your email. 

Change of address

Once your order has been confirmed, we are unable to make any changes to it. Please ensure to check all details of your order and address information is correct. 

How much does shipping cost


Flat Rates below:


Flat Rate



Italy, Portugal, Spain


Belgium, France, Germany




Austria, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Sweden, Czechia, Lithuania


Hungary, Poland


Can I use my discount code during a sale?

Unfortunately, no. Discount codes are only redeemable on full priced items. 

Can I use more than one discount code?

Unfortunately, no. Discount codes cannot be used in conjunction with each other. Discount codes are limited to one per order. 

Do you ship outside of Europe?

At this time, we only ship within Europe. 

Do you include order information in the shipment?

No, we aren't in the business of ruining surprise gifts! All order information will be emailed to the address you give us when checking out. We don't put anything in the shipment, just in case it's a gift for someone. 

Gift Vouchers

Can gift vouchers be returned?

You have the right to cancel your Metalbird gift voucher at any time, provided that you have no used the gift voucher. In case of cancellation, Metalbird will refund the amount of the gift voucher to the original payment method used during ordering within 14 days of cancellation. 

When will my gift voucher expire?

Our gift vouchers do not have an expiration.

Can gift vouchers be used more than once?

Yes, your gift voucher is valid until every cent of the balance runs out.

How do I use my gift voucher?

Treat your gift card as cash! Input your unique voucher code before checking out. If you owe more than what is left on the card - no worries! Simply use any other preferred payment method to cover the remainder.

Can more than one gift voucher be used towards a purchase?

Yes! Please email us to help accomodate this for you. 

Can gift vouchers be used to buy another gift voucher?

Unfortunately, you cant use a gift voucher to buy another gift voucher.

How do I find out how much is left on my gift voucher?

We’re here to help, please email and we will confirm your available balance within 24 hours.

Can a gift voucher be used to pay shipping and taxes?

Certainly, gift vouchers are applied to the final order total which includes shipping and taxes.

Can I apply a discount code to my gift voucher purchase?

Discount codes cannot be applied to gift vouchers. The exception is a product specific discount code where the product is the gift voucher. 

Discount Codes

Will my discount code expire?

Depends on the code. Send us an email with your discount code for us to check this for you. 

Which products are excluded from discount codes?

All limited edition items, gift vouchers, and sale items cannot be further discounted. 

Can I use more than one gift voucher?

Absolutely. Send us an email on to combine your vouchers for you. 
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